Na hEalaíne

Dabble Doo Music are offering a months free full access to all of their best content so that parents and guardians can educate and entertain their kids at home.

The content available includes radio shows, sing-alongs, video lessons, games and activities linked to the primary school curriculum.
If your children use it in school they’ll be able to show you how it works.

Mrs. Brown Art on Instagram has reminded people that she has hundreds of free power points available online. She wrote: “I want to share my resources to parents and teachers who may be home-schooling for a while during the #COVID19 quarantine period. We’re all in this together.⁠”

She also explains that her lessons include examples, step by step directions, objectives, and more. You can find her resources at

Arty Arts Dublin have started the #windowconnections campaign, challenging kids to create a positive message to hang in your window for passers by to see in these unsettling times. Get creative and use materials that are already in your house. We love this idea!

Drama warm up Games

Drama Games

Songs in Irish A collection of songs with audio and lyrics to learn and sing along to

Learn a musical instrument

Do you have a musical instrument at home? If not, it’s not too expensive to get yourself a tin whistle, recorder or even a ukulele. It’s never been easier to learn with loads of apps and websites to bring you along the way.

Tin Whistle:

Piano / Keyboard:–2qaXN5 Ukulele:

Puppet Show

Making a puppet show can be a fun way to spend some time and there’s lots of different ways to do it now.

  1. Make a sock puppet – 
  2. Make finger puppets – 
  3. Make an online Puppet Show – Puppet Pals App